About Rodney’s Animal Crackers

Manufactured in a “Peanut / Tree Nut Free Facility”About Rodney's Animal Crackers

The Best Animal Crackers in the World!

About Rodney's Animal Crackers
Rodney’s Animal Crackers

About Rodney’s Animal Crackers – In 1871, my great great grandfather began manufacturing crackers in his home in York, PA. Today as a fifth generation member of my family working in the bakery industry. I am continuing that family tradition with Rodney’s Animal Crackers.

Animal crackers have been a long time favorite of children and adults. For decades, they have held a special place in the hearts of many. Animal crackers open the imagination for children and bring back fond memories in adults of all ages. Our animal crackers will delight the minds and taste buds of all who love that special treat made with fun, quality and taste in mind.

Thank you,

Rodney Stauffer